You're one step closer...

to a brand new you.


"Seeing Holly has been a life changing experience for me.  Through some of life's difficult challenges, Holly provided support and encouragement which empowered me to live/love life to it's fullest potential."
-  Makenzie M.

"I would not be where I am today, living a happy and healthy life without Holly.  She got me through the worst of times - giving me the support, guidance and tools needed to make it through.  Holly continues to be the best encouragement for me whether it be during our scheduled sessions or if I'm having a low moment and need a voice of reason.  There are no words for my endless gratitude."
- Stephanie M.

"Holly is truly compassionate and dedicated to her clients.  She is a great source of knowledge and advocate with years of experience."
- Anna N.

"Holly Harry is a wonderful therapist who is truly dedicated to her patients...making it a priority to accommodate their needs at any time of the day.  I personally feel as if I am her only patient at times, due to her consistent effort, making sure I am comfortable and where I need to be.  I recommend Holly to anyone that is seeking a therapist...I certainly would not be where I stand today if it were not for Holly, as she has never given up on me, even during my worst times."
- Makayla M.

"Holly's professionalism and quality work ethics in our sessions was commendable.  Her ability to apply theory, logic and most importantly a human touch approach to our sessions was extremely helpful and in my opinion, invaluable.  She goes above and beyond to make herself accessible and available to her patients.  Holly's dedication is more than one can ask for."
- Rick L.

"My son and I have benefited both individually and together through our therapy sessions with Holly.  I am deeply appreciative of her knowledge, generous support, and strength via her advocacy in times when many just don't care anymore.  Holly cares."
- Adrienne S.

"Holly has  been a huge help to my husband and I throughout the struggles of raising teenagers."
- Jen R.

"Holly is very dedicated to her practice in the helping profession.  Personally, Holly has served the roles evaluator, treatment provider, advocate, educator, and mentor.  Holly treats me in such a way that I know that she cares about my best interests and will help me meet my goals."
- Holly N.

"Holly Harry is that rare person you're looking for- the one who can really connect with you.  Her easy manner, real life approach, and practical suggestions make her an essential factor for anyone seeking a therapist.  Having know her for quite a number of years, I can say with confidence that she is an asset to those who choose her services - you will not be disappointed."
-Robyn K.

"Holly made me feel comfortable from our very first visit.  I know I can be honest and open with her without ever having to worry about judgement.  She has given me so many priceless life tools that have helped me grow as a person and learn to control issues on my own.  I am forever grateful for her dedicated guidance and support."
-Cherelle S.

"I found Holly's greatest assets to be her ability to see past the surface of an issue to get to the heart of the problem.  She is tireless when it comes to providing quality patient care.  Anyone needing help with personal issues will be well served with Holly Harry"
-Frank A.

"After a divorce of a 20 year marriage and the sensitive breakup of a 2 year relationship, I reached a low point; emotionally, mentally and physically.  I was in a depression and my bed was like a magnet.  I finally reached out to Holly.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Over the past 3 months, Holly has helped me identify challenges in self validation, co-dependence and alcohol; along with a low tolerance for discomfort (life issues) and a high tolerance for dysfunction in relationships.  She's taught me how to substitute destructive thoughts and actions with positive ones.  Holly has positively influenced many aspects of my life.  She combines great common sense with her 28 years of counseling experience to provide the best feedback I've ever received about myself.  I'm continuing to learn to identify and arrest addictive behaviors and I am practicing self love and becoming my "best self".
-Ken K.